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Metoclopramide and hyperactivity

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My 18 yr old crf cat is on Metoclopramide. She's been on it since April 25th and doing fairly well. Today though, she's been acting strange. She's barely slept and has been following me around or just walking around or sitting on my cloth shopping bag and yowling. She's done the yowling maybe 10 times today. I remember being told when I picked up the medicine that it could cause hyperactivity. Could that be what's going on? I was gone all day yesterday but in the morning, she was even chasing my ex-feral cat down the hall. I've never seen her do that before. I assumed he pissed her off. He is extremely affectionate and often rubs his head against her and she usually swats him. Should I just stop the Metoclopramide for tomorrow? I don't know if it's alright to abruptly stop it.
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i wouldn't just take her off it, i'd wait until monday and call the vet and see what he says. i'm not sure if there are symptoms from not taking it other than the return of what she's taking it for, which i assume is vomiting. it doesn't seem to be one of the emergent side effects.
Yeah, maybe I'll try giving her just a little bit less tomorrow. Thanks.
In cats, metoclopramide may cause frenzied behavior or disorientation (although it hasn't done so in my Noddy). There are a number of potential drug interactions with metoclopramide, as well. Is your girl taking any other meds?

The standard dose of metoclopramide is .2-.4 mg/kg 3-4 times daily. For my 15.21 lb (6.9 kg) Noddy, that works out to 1.38-2.76 mg 3-4 times daily. But that's not how I dose him. I only give Noddy 1.25 mg (1/4 of a 5 mg tablet) 2 times daily.

Depending on your girl's current weight and the metoclopramide dose you're giving her, you may be able to cut back her dose substantially and still maintain adequate control over her vomiting, without the negative side effects.

I guess I wouldn't call it frenzied behavior nor does she seem disoriented.

She gets it in liquid form and has been getting 2.5 mg and she weighs 9.2 lbs or 4 Kg. So I can definitely go down - which I will do. The only other med she is taking is Famotadine. (I do space those 2 hours a part as you had suggested before Laurie.)

Thanks so much Laurie! I don't want to over-medicate her.
Well, I just noticed she peed outside of the box. She just had a urine test a week ago. Could this be due to the medication or maybe some dementia?
Yowling, being unsettled, and missing the litterbox may all indicate a UTI (to which CRF cats are particularly susceptible). Even if she didn't have a UTI a week ago, she may have one now. Sounds like another vet visit may be in order.

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