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Microchip ?

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Do most cat owners microchip their cats ? If not, why ?


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Here's a fairly recent discussion about microchipping:
I wish the stray I have been caring for had been chipped. He is obviously someones pet.
I have my cats microchipped and they also have collars w/tags. The collars are breakaway collars so they could easily come off and the microchip is just an extra precaution if they are ever lost. My cats are indoor only, however you never know when a fire, other natural disaster that could ruin your home and they could get out. It may be an extra expense, however it's one I am willing to make to get my family back.
I don't see why anyone would NOT microchip. Any additional insurance that they find their way home if they somehow get out is well worth any amount of money.
Mine is microchipped....He is indoor and I just want it for extra security. I dont think he knows it is even there....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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