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Miu's pooping outside the box problem - Solved!

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For those of you who remember, I had a problem with Miu pooping outside the box about two yrs ago. She had two boxes all to herself and at the time, she was the only cat. I tried everything from changing the litter back to clay (from pine), changing the box location etc etc. Nothing worked. I got Cap'n Jack and the problem still persisted.

A few months after I got Jack, I decided enough was enough so I got out the big guns and got Miu the biggest dog kennel in the store. It easily fit her litterbox and a bed in a open travel crate with lots of space. I fed all her meals in there and I would try and time her confinements to her potential poop times.

I noticed she only pooped once and usually in the wee morning hours. I would confine her after her bedtime snack. Sometimes she poop immediately whereupon she was let out immediately. If there was no poop, I leave her in overnight. Checking periodically since I sleep very late. If she still didn't poop overnight, I'd leave her in there for an additional couple of hrs then my mom would let her out whether there was poop or not. (We'd chalk it up as an off day.)

The crate is always left open when she's not confined. At first, you could see her poop only during confinement. Then first success appeared! She voluntarily started to poop in the box at odd times during the day! We were ecstatic!

It's been about 2 yrs. Final judgement. We dismantled the kennel this weekend and put the litterbox in the open in the same spot...then we prayed. OMG, she did it! Not long after the kennel was put away, she went in the box and poooooped! Final evidence that she learned! Not only that, she also insists on eating her meal in the approx same place as if the kennel was still there. So it seems cats are creatures of habit.

Miu is the slowest eater so now my next task is teaching Jack and Rocky the dog not to bother her after they finished eating since there's no kennel to segregate her anymore.

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend. :) I hope my experience can help some of you with a similar plight.
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good job! i recently read about someone having and issue with pooping outside the box, and they were looking for suggestions. maybe this can help them!
That's terrific news, Alpaca! I well remember the trouble you had in the early days and the need to crate her. Good for Miu!
On a similar note, I seemed to have put a stop to chica's floor pooping. What a coincidence! Our situation changed, and instead of hard floor the litter box was now over carpet. And magically, the floor pooping stopped.
Congrats. I may have to try this. Fieldy is too awesome of a cat to get rid of!
The reason why I originally posted was that I had such success with this that I wanted to share. I hope others can use the same method and find success.

She has a litterbox in the basement and when she was having probs, she wouldn't use that box. All I found is poop randomly deposited in the basement. The other day I went down and found poop sitting smack in the middle of the box. She has truly learned!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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