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In early January one of our beloved cats, Gizmo, passed away. He was only 9 and he just dropped dead. It was heartbreaking. Jacksie, my other cat, was depressed for days. She kept looking for him.

After grieving awhile we decided to get her a new companion. Though I wanted a young kitten, but since it wasn’t kitten season, there were very few. So we adopted a gorgeous, tuxedo, long-haired domestic of 5 months. Young enough. His name is now Sir Oliver and boy does he have a big personality. Unlike Jacksie, he’s all over the place. But then again she’s 10. Yeah, she’s accepted him but finds his kittenish ways bothersome. LOL

The problem I have and don’t know how to fix is that when I feed them, they often switch places and eat from each other’s bowl. Jacksie gets Fancy Feast Senior, Oliver gets Fancy Feast Kitten. I don’t have a separate place to feed them as this is a small apartment.

Today I got the idea of mixing the two cat foods together. I put half a serving of kitten food and half a serving of senior food in each of their bowls. I figured they’re going to switch bowls eventually anyway so at least the kitten gets enough calories to grow and the senior gets enough protein to stay healthy.

Is there anything wrong with this? Is there something else I can do to make sure the kitten gets enough calories? I’m not worried about Jacksie eating kitten food. She got fat once and we learned to regulate it. If the calories are too much for her and she gains too much weight, by then we’ll be able to put her back on her restricted diet.

I’m just worried that the kitten isn’t getting enough. Advice anyone?

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I still have mine.. from when I had two cats with different feeding schedules.. Bought one so the grazer at the time could graze at his hearts content, while my other boy I had at the time was a greedy guzzler and would eat all of the grazers food as well as his own.. lol..
The microchip feeder solved it.. I just had it set to recognize the grazers chip and viola.. problem solved :)
Now just have the cheeky boy that is my profile pic.. ( Spirit) :)
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