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Molly -

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I posted yesterday about the little kitty we adopted -

This morning we had to take her to the vet - she started throwing up and still had no bowel movements.

$126 dollars later kitty had a bowel movement, was tested for fleas and worms, no fleas but did have a few ticks which they removed. They trimmed her nails and cleaned her up abit after the bm - and we came back home.

Poor kitty was so tired.

I was right - vet thinks she is between four to five weeks old.

This evening after a long nap she is playing and exploring abit.

Tuffy is NOT happy about her being in his territory but only hisses and growls from a distance. When little kitty took two steps towards him, he ran full tilt to the back bedroom which is 'his' room. I'm hoping he gets a little more accepting soon.
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i wouldn't just leave her out and about. i'd keep her in a carrier and let her out of it a couple of hours a day at first so tuffy can sniff her and get used to there being another cat.

i didn't read your first post so i don't know how long you've had her but a week to 10 days is the usually "introduction" time. i would not leave her out alone with him for at least another month.
We don't leave her out alone - we keep her in our supersize carrier overnight etc .
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