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My cat, Riley, had four kittens last Sunday. Riley was a 6 week old feral kitten that I rescued a year ago and she's pretty tame. I was going to have her spayed, but she got out one night and was gone for about a week. She returned and a few weeks later I found out she was pregnant.

Riley picked to make her nest in the closet in my bedroom first. Which was perfectly fine with me, because I could close the door to keep the dogs out while I was at work.

Then last Tuesday after I changed the bedding in the kittens box Riley moved the kittens into an empty computer monitor box in the office closet. I thought maybe I had done something wrong with taking out the bedding, but I didnt want the kittens to be laying on the filthy blanket. I put the clean blanket in the computer box and she still kept the kittens there so I figured it was ok. And I changed the bedding a few times that week and she kept the kittens in that same box all week. I figured maybe she liked this place better than my bedroom.

On Tuesday night, I took out the blanket again to wash it because there were fleas on it and it was quite smelly. I replaced it with a couple clean towels. A few hours later, I heard a kitten cry coming from the kitchen. I ran to go see what was going on, and Riley was climbing the pantry shelves with a kitten. It looks like she was trying to move the kitten to the top shelf of the pantry or to the top of the refridgerator. I must've startled Riley, because she opened her mouth to meow and dropped the kitten. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach her in time to catch the poor kitten. The fall must've hurt him badly, because from that point on, he refused to nurse. I tried to feed him with an eye dropper as the vet advised, but he would just cry. He quit opening his eyes, and his whole body would shake. I took him to the vet. The vet said there wasnt anything she could do, and the kitten was euthanized. I told her what Riley was doing when this unfortunate accident happened. The vet said to lock her in the office even when I am home so she couldnt move the kittens. Should I let her try and seek out another nesting place...a safer one than the top of the pantry...or should I just make her stay in the office? So far, I've resigned to locking her up in the office. I dont know what is making her want to move the kittens every few days. Is this normal?
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