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Hi, hope everyone had a good 4th of July.

A little about me - I grew up with a lot of "adopted" pets, animals that just showed up at my family's house, and a few that were actually adopted from a litter. As a kid, I had a Persian red-head kitty named Maxfield, who I loved very much, and a black Pomeranian - both were adopted. I never had the opportunity or the means to have another kitty until a couple years ago, and I adopted Sandstorm when she was a few
months old.

Sandstorm is a color-point tabby, with beautiful blue eyes. She was adopted from a litter that was born in June 2015, from some friends' cat. She had a few other siblings, which were my original "choices" to adopt from, but they didn't survive past 3 months :( - Sandstorm almost didn't make it either, but she managed to pull through.

My kitty, Sandstorm, was named for her light sandy coloring as a newborn. When I first saw her, I thought for sure she was going to be just a nice little off-white fur ball, with a few peachy spots on her ears, and the black tip of her tail - which I thought for sure was a sign that she was Siamese - and for the most part, she still has that sandy coloring, just a LOT MORE pattern on her, and she was identified as being a Siamese mix by the vet.

Sandstorm loves to play - she will play fetch with me, and whenever it's time for bed she thinks that's time to play! She actually drags her favorite toys to my bed, sometimes even bringing the toys into my bed. Her favorite toys are the plush fish on a pole, and this fancy spongy bouncy fuzzy thing that I discovered first at a Walmart clearance aisle. If anyone is curious what brand that toy is, I'll be glad to find the name of it later...

My boyfriend has a black Bombay, and he is also special to me; his name is Franklin, and he has nearly the opposite personality of Sandstorm! We are hoping they will eventually be friends lol.

Not sure what else to say here, but I hope everyone has a good day (or night) and thank you for allowing me into the kitty community :) - I plan to share more of my kitty later!
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