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Momless Kittens

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I was jsut give a couple hours ago two kittens without a mommy! The people who found them didn't know what to do! The contacted their friend, who reffered me. So now I'm landed with kittens.
The problem is, it's my first time with momless kittens. They STILL have their tummy-cord. (I can't spell the real name) And their eyes aren't open, I have them kitten milk from the pet store along with a kitty-bottle. I've been told to use a warm washcloth to help them 'go potty'.
I have a vet appointment for them on Thurs, which is the soonest they can get me in.
Can anyone give me any helpful advice in taking care of these cute kitties? Mail me, post here, do anything to get ahold of me! 8)
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Sounds good!! u're doing ok there!
The one thing what's really important is that they go to the bathroom, else there bowls , and blather get infected and they could die...
My friend also had a kitten without the mommy and she didn't know that she had to stimulate the little tummies to go to the bathroom and 1 of them died just before the vet arrived :cry:
After the kittens have eaten , the mother licks their bellies to stimulate the blather and the bowels and licks their genitals and swallows everything! So the nest stays clean!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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