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OK, I think my cats at least tolerate me brushing their front teeth now. I am now at the stage where I would like to figure out how in the sam heck I can brush the teeth on the side / back of their mouth. I have no idea. I've tried lots of things, and it's always met with less than enthusiastic responses.

Let me describe my front teeth brushing technique, perhaps that is the problem.

I get their food ready, then I whip out the finger brush (they don't like the other one as much) and put some toothpaste on it. I then sit them in my lap, and pull up slightly on their upper lip from both sides of the nose. This exposes just enough of the teeth for me to brush them. Sometimes I do end up brushing the gums or the closed lips, but for the most part it's the teeth. Then I deliver the payload in the form of their wet food meal so that they don't hate me for too long.

As for the back teeth, I have tried pulling their mouth open but I'm not magnus vermagnussen so I am not really strong enough to do this while brushing their teeth and restraining them slightly. I tried just sticking the finger into their mouth, and it does usually open but it's total chaos at that point. I've tried making whining noises too, didn't work.

Any suggestions?
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