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Hi all, sorry I haven't been around here lately. :(

I posted before on my cat's, Sally, problem with eating. Well more things have come up now, she seems to have gotton worse. She will eat absolutly no dry food of any kind, only wet, and she still acts like she's starving! Anytime anyone opens the fridge, or goes into the pantry she's there walking around u're feet and meowing her head off. :? :( It's becoming really annoying and we have no idea what the problem is. She seems to have lost weight too and I think we'll be taking her to the vet very soon.
Also I think I should mention something that I didn't before, in August we lost our Sherri cat after 17 years. She had been there when Sally was brought into the house as a kitten. These eating problems only began after Sherri had passed on. It's like now that Sherri's gone, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. We've even repeatedly caught her jumping up on the dinner table and eating food! It's gotton out of hand and I don't know what to do any more.
I just wanted to get some opinions before our trip to the vet. Thanks for any help. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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