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More progress with Cap'n Jack

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Okay, I must be a crazy cat lady if I'm happy over something like this.

Anyways first off, neither of my cats ever sleep with me. They always go off and find a spot like a cat bed, box or something and fall asleep there.

Yesterday, Rocky the dog was napping between my legs on my bed. Jack Jack enters the room, jumps up non-chalantly, then he curls up comfortably against my leg...all in one fluid motion without any hesitation. This is the skittish guy who's always alert to being jumped. I'm like hmmmm. Never did that b4. He's lounging and relaxing. Then after....he falls asleep! Oh wow!

I wake up a while later to find he's still there! But Rocky the dog had left. After a few mins, Rocky bounds back into the room then sits down in front of me and whines. Although he's BBF with Cap'n Jack perhaps he's jealous and bewildered that he was there!
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Yeah Jack! I remember how happy I was the first time Muffs decided to hop up and take a nap with me, so I guess we can both be called crazy. A friend of mine, who has cats, is fond of saying "cats never do anything once". So, let's hope this is the start of lots of naps with Jack. Let's also hope Rocky is ok with that!
Cap'n Jack's come a long way since he was a scardy cat feral, who hid behind the toilet. That's gr8, I can appreciate how much pleasure that small gesture of lying next to you he gave. He really trusts and loves you. Kudos!:luv
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