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moving to spain with cat, need info

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Hi, me and my parents are moving to spain with our cat suki and we will be going down by car. We will be towing a caravan so that we can stay in sites along the way as we will be taking it slow down there. We will drive down and then a 1 hour ferry ride into france and then drive up to a site. We will be stopping every two hours which by then we should be at a site anyway. My cat suki will be traveling in the caravan in a large cat box, big enough to fit a litter tray and her bedding. If anyone has done this i would be greatful for your reply. Also if anyone has any information for me, that will also help.
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I've done this about a dozen times. Your pretty well on your way, you have the cat crate, litter box; make sure you have plenty of water for her as well. I wouldn't bother putting food in her cage because chances are she wont eat it. Just wait until the evening when you stop. Be very careful when you let her out of the cat cage when you stop at the sites. It'd be terrible if she got away. Does you cat stress when she's in the vehicle. If so, you might consider getting something from your vet to calm her down. There are also a few things at pet stores that might work. I've never used any of that cat calm-down stuff, but I hear it works. Good luck and let us know how everything turns out.
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