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Took these about a week ago when we got back from vacation...

Kouji (grey) and Kenji (orange)

Kouji (grey) and Koda (black)

All three monsters...

My mother awoke Tuesday morning to find one of the female strays (Oreo - who they are still trying to catch to have fixed) and a little kitten. In the last two years Oreo's been pregnant numerous times, so far only two mother's cat Bo, and this kitten. Each litter has only had 1-2 kittens, and she's had several miscarriages. Oreo is very sick, she has a respiratory infection as well as eye infections. Every kitten Oreo has had have these same infections. Unfortunately, stray cats are not easy to catch and my mother has only been able to save the two kittens.

My mother was able to grab the kitten, they brought it to the vet and named her Tuesday. The vet said that she was 4 weeks old, fully weaned (because Oreo is too sick and weak to feed her kitten any longer), but dehydrated and has the respiratory infection. They kept her over night and released her the following day. Tuesday seems to be doing well. She's got quite the appetite as well as an extremely loud mouth.

Here's a picture of Tuesday meeting her half-sister Bo.
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