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Well, my first post wasnt the greatest on here. My baby boy was sick and I was looking for advice. He has been taken to the vet and he is doing better now, even though Im still upset with the vet. But, I want this post to be a happy one!

I have 2 cats, a 8 month old boy, and a 7 week old girl. Heres the story behind the two!

First, my baby boy Leo.

His mother died when he was young. He had a little sister aswell with him when our friends called us over and asked us to take at least one. We would have taken both, but we are currently staying with my bf's mom and she doesnt really like animals. But in the long run, we took the boy, Leo. He was only 4 weeks old, and wasnt eatting solid foods yet, although knew how to use the litter and he was VERY whiny. Which was the reason we picked him. My bf and I are very patient with animals, specially cats and knew we would do well with him and his neediness unlike alot of other people we know.
It didnt take long to get him eatting solid foods, only about a week. His life has been pretty uneventful here, he lives mostly in our room because of my bf's mom, but when shes not home we let him run. When he was around 5 months we took him to get fixed and got all his shots and is still up to date. The biggest problem we had had with him was he was VERY jealous of my bf's daughter. He would attack her when she was in, which was the weekends and sometimes other days. Which is when we decided to bring another cat into the household. Now, this brings us to the other little one!


We had decided to get another cat, but were planning to adopt one from a local rescue or shelter. We decided this on 6/24/10 that my bf would goto the shelters the next monday and look around, so that he could find the perfect cat for him, since Leo leans more towards me than him. So, the plans were set. He went to work the next day, 6/25/10, and shortly after that my neighbors were knocking on my door. They told me there were to kittens on the front steps of the apartment building. I rushed down there, this not being the first time I've found kittens abandoned in the apartment complex. And here they were, two little girls. Kit was very skinny, and her eyes were a little dirty, but otherwise looked pretty healthy. Her sister looked alot worse and I felt so bad for her. I would have kept both, but our apartment only allows us to have 2 animals and we have to pay $300 each too! I called our animal control, which we only have one lady that works it and she came by to grab her. She told me they would vet her, get her all better and then adopt her out. But we kept Kit. We saw it as a sign really, since we were planning to get a baby and then she just appeared. We've had her a little over a week and she's gained some weight, her eyes are clear and clean and she's doing wonderful!

It took some time for the two to get along. Since Leo is a very jealous boy. The first night was horrible! I was in tears because Leo wouldnt even cuddle me because Kit was in the room, let alone on our bed! Leo wanted nothing to do with anyone because of her. The next day wasnt as bad. He was showing that he was curious of her, sniffing and occasionally batting at her butt or something, but never attacked her. So I took that as a good sign. After that, leo got sick. He started running fevers, and we took him to the vet. They didnt run any tests on him (Sooo pissed at this btw). But gave him Clavamox for the fever since it most likely was an infection. He's been taking it for a couple days now, twice a day and his fevers are gone, and he's doing much better! He's even loving on Kit!

Sooooo, thats their story. Now! Onto pictures!

Baby Leo

Doesn't he look so innocent?!? Dont let the look fool you!


Daddy tastes good!

Nom nom nom!

He's always liked chewing on Josh (my bf) for some reason.

This photo was taken on the night we got him. :)

Older Leo

Leo cuddling Daddy.


Day after we found her.

Look at those eyes!

Both of them!

So, thats my story and my babies. Hope yall enjoy!


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What wonderful pictures! Leo was so cute as a kitten and such a gorgeous cat now. Kit is adorable, such stunning colors.
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