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My Bengal cat was vomiting, coughing, foaming alot...why?

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Anyone know why my cat was all of a sudden vomiting, coughing, hacking, and foaming/salivating ALOT all over the place??? Im really worried. She seems better now. It was going on for about 20 minutes. After she was licking her lips over and over and still coughing/hacking. She also was squinting and closing her eyes while it was happening, I dont know if that makes a difference. Her vomit was also kind of red, but my dad said it didnt seem like blood. Someone help, please. :cry:
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Ive never seen her do this before. Usually when she has a hairball she coughs for a few minutes and thats it. This was vilolent though. I got so scared. :( She is sitting on top of the monitor like she always does now. She seems alot better. But...I still want to know why it happened! :cry:
I will! thanks everyone! Today she still seems a little weak, and shes acting a little weird, but Im assuming anyone would after what happened.
Shes eating so I hope thats a good sign. I hope she can keep it down though.
I feel so bad because my dad says he doesnt have enough time to take her. And my mom is to busy because her grandmother died last week and shes going to her mothers house to sit shiva for the next few days. So...I dont have anyone to drive her to the vet. Im going to try and guilt my dad into taking her...I dont think it will work though. I hope she will be ok. She is acting strange still and meowing like shes about to vomit. (yes, I know what she sounds like when shes going to) And she when shes walking she will stop and crouch down and it looks like her stomach hurts...I dont know, thats just what I see in her face. She doesnt usually lie like that..and shes doing it now too. She just seems to be feeling really crappy. Im worrying so much. I feel like Im going to have a panic attack soon.
Thankyou so much! I will even show him this thread and let him know that a vet said so! This could really help. I will post later to let you know what he says. Thankyou thankyou thankyou~! ::))
Dr. Jean,
Do you have any idea what might be wrong with her? Im just curious as to what is causing this. I know I have to have her checked to be sure but I just want to know if you have ANY idea at all...any opinions or anything. I think I mentioned this but she keeps squinting her eyes like shes really tired...and her eyes are glassy. She still walks around and even plays a little here and there.
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