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My buddy BG has a bone infection

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Good Morning. I am a brand new member and this is my first post. I will try and make it as short as I can. My BG, who I brought home some months ago. after I found him living behind my work place, had gotten into a fight about 3 weeks ago. He usually always came home long before dark, but on this particular occasion it began to rain late in the day, I guess around 6:30 or so, and BG didn't make it home. It proceeded to flood all night and I was worried as I could be, looking for him out in the rain every few minutes it seemed. I hoped he was safe and dry and thought he would come home as soon as it let up enough. He finally appeared around 5:30am wet as could be and looking awful, head cut and legs swollen, limping. Once, I saw how bad he was hurt I started looking for a vet to see him, but as it was a Sunday I had a hard time. Finally found one and took him to get taken care of.

Doc said he had gotten into a bad fight and shaved around his head and leg wounds. She gave him a shot of convenia and some metacam orally. I was given clindamycin and metacam to give him after I took him home. It was hard to get him to take all his antibiotics as they were liquid and seemed to cause diarrhea. I didn't know if it was the convenia or clidamycin causing his diarrhea but I took him back to his regular vet and she told me to hold off on the clindamycin. His legs still seemed swollen to me and he wouldn't put his left paw down when he was sitting.

Last week I took him to get fixed, hoping he would stay around the house and not roam so much, or make little kitties. Asked doc to take further look at his legs and so did x-rays and they showed what he said was an infection in the bone. I know it is serious and I am worried to death. He gave me baytril to give him, 22.7mgs once a day for 15 days. I am aware baytril can have bad side effects and so am worried about that too. He needs to be confined and if he could be inside the house with me that wouldn't be too much trouble, but due to factors beyond my control at the moment, that is not to be, at least yet. There is a big storage/utility room attached to the carport which I had made into his home when he first came home with me. It has plenty of room. I put his bed and litterbox inside and he has lots of toys, scratchy post, stuff to climb on, can lie on his box and look out the windows, everything he'd have inside pretty much, that is except for me and other company.

It hurts me deeply to hear him cry and want to be outside so badly. I am sure ya'll understand. So, he is inside a whole lot more than outside. Yesterday I had to let him outside for a while and he stayed out for close to four hours and then I put him back in. He gets his antibiotic, baytril, every morning but has another 8 days of that. I hope and pray he will get better.

There is nothing I would not do for him. I don't have a lot of money but I would gladly spend every penny in order for him to be well and healthy. I guess I am hoping for some advice, words of encouragement or just your thoughts on all this. Thank you very much.
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An infection in the bone is very serious - and very difficult to get rid of in the best of circumstances.
Is there anyway you can confine him to a bathroom? Or a large dog crate inside?
I understand your concern about the side effects of the antibiotics (diarrhea), however if not treated properly he faces amputation at the very least. He absolutely should not be let out. He essentially needs to be on "bed rest" until the vet says otherwise. I would add some probiotics to his food to replace the normal flora that is killed off by the meds, this could help quite a bit with loose stools. Maybe you could get a friend to foster him for a week or so if he's lonely and you can't have him indoors. These antibiotic courses have a tendency to run longer than other types of infections, & can easily be 6 weeks if it's osteomyolitis. This is one of those diseases that you need to give absolutely the full course of abx. Hope he is feeling better and keep us updated. GL B

Thank you both for your concern and thoughts on my buddy. I am very worried about him and I pray he will be ok. I spend lots of time with him, we play and he sleeps in my lap. It is just so hard hearing him cry to got out, he just looks right into my eyes and cries "please let me out,please,please". I know that I just have to be tough for his sake and keep him inside until he gets well. I appreciate ya'lls help and ideas. I will be sure and give them a try.
Isn't metacam bad for cats?

So sorry this happened to your cat. I hope he feels better!
If BG was a human child and cried to go out and play in the street, what would you say? It's basically the same thing - you are doing what is best for him, not necessarily what he thinks is best. So when he gives you the sad looks and/or cries, just tell him you love him and want what is best for him. they really do understand.
Thanks and you are so right

I really appreciate all ya'lls concern for BG, it means alot. I am so glad I found such a great place and great people. The way I understand it, metacam is bad for cats given over an extend period. However, I have read reports of just one dose of metacam causing irreparable damage to cats. Fortunately BG seems to have tolerated it alright, though he was only on it for a very short while. That being said, I do not want him given metacam again and will tell the doctor such.
Mom of 4, you are so very right and I will keep him in until he gets better. Hopefully that will be soon. He is due to finish up his baytril Friday. I am going to contact the doctor and have him take another look at BG before next week so if he has not improved significantly then we can begin some other treatment, see what else we can do, but, as I said, hopefully he will have improved greatly by then. Thanks again.
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