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My new Abyssinian has not smelled very good since I got her. She occasionally has this soft white stuff coming out of her butt. The vet suggested adding some fiber by mixing in some adult food (she is 7 months old). Smell seems to fluctuate. However, this weekend she started chasing her tail obsessively.

I did go to the vet but I'm not comfortable with what's going on here. I'm worried there is some health problem and I would like to mitigate the odor. I've read about the gland problem some cats have. However, is there nothing we can do besides "more fiber"?
It sounds like your Abyssinian cat may have a health issue that is causing the odor and the soft white discharge. The vet's suggestion of adding more fiber to her diet may help to alleviate some of the symptoms, but it is important to address the underlying issue.
One possibility is that your cat has a condition called anal glands impaction, where the glands located near the anus become blocked and cause discomfort and odor. This can be treated by expressing the glands, either by a veterinarian or by learning to do it at home with proper guidance.
It's also possible that the cat has an infection, and the vet should check for this and provide appropriate treatment.
Another possible cause could be that your cat has a diet sensitivity or allergy which could be causing the odor and the issues. In this case you should consider switching to a limited ingredient or hypoallergenic diet to see if it makes a difference.
It is also important to note that obsessive tail chasing is a behavioral symptom and not a medical one, it can be caused by stress, anxiety, or a medical condition. I would recommend consulting with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical conditions and provide proper treatment.
In any case, it's important to work closely with your veterinarian to identify the root cause of the odor and to determine the best course of treatment for your cat.
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