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Hello. My name is Adrian and I a have the honour of being owned( cuz we all know they own us, not the vice versa) by a 9 months white feral male. I turned to this forum today because I have no answers to my problem. My cat usually meows during the day, especially in the afternoon after my fiancé comes from work, for some playtime. Recently, let's say for the past 10 days, he starts meowing at random times throughout the day( 4 am, 10 am, 5 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm) without any apparent reason at all. But the funny part is, that his meow sounds ( and we've all heard it) like he's been hit by a truck and he's taking his last breath. Which is worryingly cuz I live in an apartment building, and neighbours complained. Here I am in deep sleep at 4 am ( every morning) and I am suddenly awaken by a painfully loud meow, to which I get up very fast to check the cat, him staying next to the front door meowing at nothing and when he sees me he stops and just starts walking through the house like nothing happened. I go to sleep and then he starts again. I've got to say that we have him since 2 weeks old, he's healthy as a horse( vet check-up), he has lots of playtime, good food, he's rarely alone and we love him very much( we didn't punished him or smth even when he wrecked our tv, we're not that kind of ppl). So it's been bothering me cuz it's something new to which I have no answer and I watched a lot of videos on YouTube but i cannot find an answer. Maybe you could help or someone has been in a situation like this.
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