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Hello my fellow cat lovers, my name is Veronica bit I go by the name Rony. I've had cats all my life, I'm 58 now. I have my long haired black & silver cat for about 3 years. Today I noticed that he started locking the carpet. He's never done this before. I've done nothing different then the last 3 years of him being in my house when it comes to my carpet. I needed to vacuum so there was even some cat fur from my other Long haired red tabby on the floor and he was even licking it up. Anyone have a cat that has done this ? I'm curious why ? It's really strange, he doesn't eat very much human foods, unlike my red tabby. He's my junk food junkie cat like me. But the 1 that is licking the carpet is kinda finicky. This is really strange to see him do
this ?!
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