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Anyone else agree?
I've had Henry since he was just a baby. I got him when I was 19.
I bought him for five dollars from a barn an hour drive from my apartment, and I knew immediately after lifting his cute little self up that he was the one for me.
Ever since, we have been inseparable.
He follows me everywhere, chirping and talking like a mad man, which he certainly is, but he is the best companion I could have ever wished for.
I have anxiety disorder, and Henry is almost like my bomb defuser.
He knows when I'm about to have an attack and he jumps up to sit by my side, to headbutt my chin, to give me kisses, and to talk to me as if I can understand what he is saying. He is the best FRIEND I could have ever wished for.
Now he is going through something traumatic for his little 1.4 year old body.
He's been diagnosed with feline asthma, but unfortunately, he had a collapsed lung as well, which is probably what caused the attack, but the true cause of the asthma is still a mystery to all of my family.
I've joined to talk to other cat parents who are going through or have already gone through the same thing.
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