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I just adopted a beautiful Russian Blue (purebred) cat on 8/7/03. Hilary is
1.5 years old and these are the words I use to describe her.

Day 1:
tranquil, quiet
rubbing head on me
active follower breaking my stride sometimes from room to room
like petting, rubbing
bonded (& sat on my lap) within hours
pooed in litter box early morning of day 2

Days 2 & 3:
doesn't drink much water
loss of appetite
runny eye
shakes her head and I get splashed
pees about once/day
doesn't follow
tired, listless

I think my cat might have URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), but I can't seem
to entice her to drink water or eat her food. What can I do?

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Looks like Hilary is finally getting close to getting over her URI that she's had since Friday. The vet never gave her AB's I guess b/c of her age. And I think all her shots were current. So now we have some yellow crust formed around her nose, which I think is like dried-up phlegm. I'm going to try to put her in the bathroom and run the tub w/ hot water to try to increase the humidity, b/c she won't let me clean up her face with all the dried-up stuff on it, and even around her eyes. I think her nose is so plugged that she can't smell anything, even smelly food.

Another question I have is, even when a cat is healthy, do they still not drink much water? Because mine doesn't. She seems to only eat/drink when I am right there. And because she licks it up instead of drinking it, she doesn't get much out of the dish.

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I would monitor that closely and try measuring the water when you refill it and at the end of the day empty the remaining amount in a measuring cup and write that down and then get a few days of that and report to the doctor your findings. The humidity may help her ...bless your heart for taking good care of your kitty. Hope she recovers quickly and has a long happy life with you!
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