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Hi all,

i am a first time cat owner, and i have found this forum very helpful in the past. And once again, I want to ask for your advice.

My cat (9 months old) vomited on tuesday in front of me when i got home. I figured she didnt like the food i was giving her (canned). Either the food itself or the flavor was not agreeing with her.

Yesterday she would not eat, and this morning she was meowing and grazing my leg. She has taught me that when she does that she is hungry, and so i fed her. I was ready to go towork and she found where i was and threww up the food minutes later.

Could it be the food,or is she sick (the flu?).......Do i need to take her to the vet or change her diet. I dont know know exactly what to do.

your advice is greatly appreciated.

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