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My cat is weird

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Lexus is a lil over 2 yrs old. She is a trip and a half. But here is something that I thought I would share.

she likes to just sit there and stare at me. especially if Im on the computer, she would either sit in front of the keyboard so I have to type around her, and she will just stare at me. She wont blink, or turn away unless I try to get her attention elsewhere. Then after she is done doing that, she turns to look at the computer screen to see what Im looking at, then she will come lay in my lap and stare at the screen for a few minutes. Then she looks up at me (I can feel the stare down she gives), so I look down at her and its almost like she is giving me a look like "what is so important on that screen that has your attention and I dont have it". She is acting the same way my ex-g/f acted when i would be watching TV or playing online.
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Haha I get a stare down from my cat Sugar but not really from Twinkie. She kind of has the scarier eyes out of the 2 cats and especially when she is right under that desk lamp just staring its creepy! Me and my bf always scream hehehe.... but usually when she is getting tired and sleepy she will start staring at one place and then closes her eyes. She's still cute but can give scary looks! :wink:
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