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Hi! I’m new here so I apologize if I do anything wrong in advance.

On my birthday Aug 2nd last year I adopted a cat who was prob a little over 1 and a half, and she turned 2 in December. In other words, I didn’t have this cat from the stages of a kitten and so I have no idea what she was fed at a young age. The only info I was given was in regards to her traumatic past from irresponsible owners who didn’t get her spayed. So I’ve tried a few different brands of wet food, my cat only licks the gravy and majority of the time ignores the meat. Even if I mix in dry food bits or treats. I’ve tried pate before but she didn’t even touch it, though it might have been the flavor she didn’t like. I have a bunch of seafood pate food, and gravy wet food, and my cat won’t eat properly. I need help / advice, any tips tricks, anything!! Thank you!
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