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Felines lapping luxury lives - from uk newspaper metro (

OUR FELINE FRIENDS are living the lives of fat cats in the run-up to a cat show in New York.
He loves a new hotel room better than anything else

The two-day event at Madison Square Garden draws hundreds of cats and thousands of doting cat lovers who lavish their pets with luxurious lifestyles.

Sloane Wulf of Virginia said she bakes chickens nearly every night for her champion Siamese cats, while New Yorker Caroline Scott puts her 28 cats through an aerobics regimen of side bends and jumping jacks. 'Just start very slowly, otherwise your cat will think you're nuts'.

'We want them a little overweight', said breeder Darlene Feger as she feeds her fluffy Persian in a lace bib. 'She's not allowed to work out'.

Emily Turner's chunky British Shorthair thrives on travel. 'He loves a new hotel room better than anything else', she said.

One Golden Persian kitten was travelling with a custom suitcase packed with tweezers, nail clippers, razors, scissors, cotton balls, cotton swabs, several talcum powder, eye cleanser, cat brushes, cat combs and a set of cosmetic brushes packed. Three times a week, the kitten also needs a bath and blow-dry that takes about two-and-a-half hours, said New Jersey-based breeder Dori Dostal.

'Rule No. 1 for giving a cat a bath', said breeder Brian Gorman of New York, displaying long red scars that run the length of his forearm, 'Clip their nails first'.
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