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My cats sneeze a lot. How can I help?

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My cats usually don't sneeze before, maybe once in a while. But recently I found them sneezing more frequently, like 4-5 times a day for Metoo and a little less for Meatball. It looks like they usually sneeze when they are on my laps. I don't know why? They don't seem to get a cold, as their activity level, appetite, etc. are all normal. My home is very warm too. And I certainly hope they are not developing an allergy to human! Could it be because the room is quite dry? (There are quite a lot static electric building up coming into winter.) Anyone knows what I can do to help? Thanks!
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This seems to be happening at my house too. Harli has been sneezing the past couple of days. She does normally sneeze once in a while. But she doesn't have runny eyes or doesn't seem mucus-y.

I did vacuum last night (hadn't done that in a couple of weeks) & am going to replace the furnace filter tonight. In case the house is just dustier than normal.
Static is no fun and plagues my house. Three long haired cats and a Siberian Husky..... seems like I could power half the town with the static that comes from them. I grow tired of getting shocked. Just had to say that.

Dunno 'bout the sneezin'. Sorry.
I bought another humidifier to put in the livingroom (use to have only 2 for the 2 bedrooms), and I haven't seen them sneezing since. Not sure if it's a coincidence. It could be that the room was too dry and dust were in the air. The static problem is also a lot better now :)
I had thought about setting up a humidifier last night & didn't because I wasn't sure where to put it. They have been sleeping out in the hallway in their beds out there instead of in their beds in my bedroom (too many kitty probably lol). Maybe I'll set it up on my computer table in the loft so it would reach the hallway better.
Interesting. I may have to talk to the Mrs. about the humidifier thing.

Thanks for the update.
Just in case anyone is interested: I got my new one on Amazon. It's SUPER CUTE! Very quiet also, and doesn't need filter :D

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