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My cats

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First is Muffin, she is 6 years old and I got her from a friend who could no longer keep her about 5 years ago. She is awesome, laid back, super friendly and social with dogs and cats. She grew up with my two dogs and I joke that she thinks she's a dog too.

Next is Tiger Lily, these pics are a few months old, she is a year old now. My son found her at 8 weeks at the laundromat. The attendant said she had just wandered in a couple days before, so she came home with us and the rest is history. She is the feisty one.

Then there is the baby boy, he's not home yet, he is part of a foster litter that my mom's neighbor has. He is coming home in two weeks.

Last is Pookie, she passed away this year at age 17, but I wanted to include her. I got her as a kitten when I was 20 and she was with me through apartments, houses, boyfriends, husbands, kids, other pets, you name it. She was a lap cat in her younger days but more of a loner as she got older. These pics are when she was about 12 or 13, before her health got bad.

Thanks for looking!
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absolutely adorable. thanks for making me smile!
When I first saw Muffin's picture I thought I was looking at my SweetPea! Wow, they really look alike. This is SweetPea:

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I can't see Sweet Pea's picture :( Muffin has a littermate that looks just like her too, with the chocolate milk mustache.
Very pretty kitties!! Your new one is so fluffy!! Muffin looks a lot like Mack, although Mack doesn't have the mustache.
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