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i have a pretty cat... its fur is silky and nice... sometimes when i come home from a long day at the office I need to relax. So i will pet my cat (Mr. Jingles) and he purrs. this makes me feel so ALIVE and i ill start touching myself... Mr. Jingles seems to like it as well.. :) Once i used his silky fur to get myself off and my mom came home with a black guy.. they both started petting Mr. Jingles as well and I got upset because HE IS MY FUCKING CAT... so i killed mommy and her new lover... I gave Mr. Jingles a warning this time because we are lovers.. However, a few days later I came home to find him humping my sister and i FLIPPED OUT I took my candy cane out of my diaper bad and stabbed her in the eye then threw Mr. Jingles out or ten story apartment window... I guess the moral of this story is dont let your cat become a ****... and if it does... kill the ******
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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