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My dream purchases arrived !!!

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Someone from work just landed from the company in the US and brought me my purchases from Petco and Amazon. I'm beyond elated !!! I ordered all the stuff you can't get here and that I dreamed of having. All for my cats, of course. Temptations, Greenies treats, a feeding bottle kit, 2 calming music CDs (I mentioned these on another thread about music for cats), a toy, Greenies Pill Pockets......and the miraculous Litter Lifter you guys recommend so much. Funny, I rushed to the litter box to try it and as I started digging I thought what a silly thing to buy, it looks like all the other scoops, then when I lifted it....MAGIC !!!! Every cat owner should have one!
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Oh my gosh, what fun! I love receiving packages and your packages probably take much longer to arrive. I hope your cats are having as much fun as you are.
Thank you, Janz. I don't know about them, but I feel like a child on Christmas morning :)
TOTALLY christmas morning. what fun! hope you and the royal family have a blast with all the booty!
What were you using before the litter lifter? Are you using clumping litter? I heard of those but haven't seen one yet. i should check petco or somewhere. I have one litter maid and two regular clumping litter boxes that I hand scoop. Although one litter box has three screens inside and I can lift out each but a lot of litter is glued to the plastic and makes a mess and I have to take it outside to clean it but it beats scooping.
Thank you, maggie!

I'm having a blast with the new CDs, they're beautiful, and with the Litter Lifter. It's cheapest at Petco (Petsmart don't carry it, and Amazon sells it at a higher price). I don't cease to be amazed at how much easier it is to clean the litter boxes. And it gets the tiny particles too! Be careful the first time you use it because you're used to lifting a heavy weight, and this one comes up already half-empty, so you could throw the remaining litter in the air, LOL Before I was using a regular scoop. I use clumping litter, yes.
Thanks for the Litter Lifter tip!

I'm gearing up for the Big Adoption later this year. I spent some time
on their Web site, and it looks great.

One more item for the shopping list.


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