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My experience adopting cats/kittens

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Adopting Adult Cat and a Kitten?

Would it be wise to adopt an adult cat and a kitten even though they have no relation to each other?
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I went to the ASPCA today looking for a cat or a kitten. I didn't really care. Some of you gave me some great advice a bout not looking at a specific color coating, but the personality of the cat/kitten. I took that advice and applied it today.

I saw a few kittens at first. Some people were in the kitten room already, and there was a particular kitten that was already chosen. So when we went into the Kitten room, I saw three black kittens and two other kittens that were together. My boyfriend liked one of the black kittens. I didn't bond with the black kitten that much. We didn't have much interaction with the kittens. That kitten went to mess with another cat that hissed and scratched at him so it was scared. There were other kittens in there including the one that was already chosen for adoption. When I walked in, two kittens stuck out to me in particular. One was a Torbie and one was like a silver tabby with a white stomach.

The three black kittens had a mother with FIV. The volunteer explained to us that the three kittens tested negative for it, but the other volunteer told us that it would possibly cause a problem, because they might have tested negative because they are younger, but they have to get tested again in six months and they might have it. Whats the problem? Well I wanted only ONE of the black kittens, and the Torbie. She said that they either have to be adopted together or not at all, because if they do perhaps have it, the other kitten will most likely get it as well. Basiclally, she said it was too risky. So we didn't go with the black kitties.

We also looked at a black cat that was very beautiful, and outgoing. She was two years old. We could not play with her because they are currently under construction. The volunteer's boss came out she had sort of an attitude and explained it to her. So I kept my eyes on the other two kittens that were together. I asked her a bout them. The boss told her that they weren't available, she said she thought they were. So we went to go check to see if they were, while she went to check she also took us to look at some other cats who can live together.
Well, well, well... I think I made a connection. There were three cats in particular who came out. One white cat came all the way from the end to be around us. He was sooooo sweet, and VERY friendly. I kept petting him and rubbing him and so did my boyfriend. This was while I was inquiring a bout the other cats. The cat was 4 years old. He was pretty big and just very, very friendly. He had just came from the ACC. I was happy he was saved. She didn't know much a bout him except he was the perfect match for me. But he just got there.

So we went back to see a bout those other kittens and they weren't available now. They weren't spayed or neutered yet. Two other orange kittens were just being brought in available for adoption. So we followed them into the kitty room and I was able to hold one in my hand. She told me they were very shy, but the lady who was assisting us it seems like everything someone had to say she debunked. Which was good. She told me of her experience with a shy cat she had before. She was soooo helpful and nice. So I decided not to go with them. I placed the Torbie and her sister on hold so once they are spayed I would be able to take them home. I was able to hold both of them in my hands, they were very sweet and quiet, but they weren't shy. The Torbie seemed more outgoing, the other one was just relaxing. They were two month kittens. They were also treated for ringworms and they were cleared and perfectly healthy now. She said no one seemed to be interested in them, but when she thought those two would be the kittens everyone would go for. They caught my eye as soon as I saw them. I don't know why no one wanted them.

Sooooo... I bonded with a 4 year old cat today that I really liked. I keep thinking about him and I keep talking a bout him to my boyfriend who was with me. I also liked both of the kittens. I posted in another thread if it would be wise for me to take one kitten and one adult cat. I want two to be honest and not one. My boyfriend bonded with him as well. As soon as he walked up to us he was playing with my boyfriend. Then he started to play with me. He just hogged up all of the attention from the other cats. It was ok with me. Even after I placed the two kitties on hold, I was still asking a bout him lol. Is this the bond that I was talking a bout in another thread that I started? Oh, and the white cat that we saw didn't fight with other cats. It seems even friendly with other cats. It touched noses with both cats, and there was a Calico that even growled and scratched at him and he did nothing. I think he is even friendly with other cats.

Note: I thought I was allergic to cats. My boyfriend did all the sneezing. I was fine. I was shocked, because I am usually the one who is allergic to everything under the sun.

I had a great experience!! I was venting in the other threads because I wanted kittens and they didn't have any, but I seemed to do the most bonding with an adult cat.

I am a little sad because I wasn't able to take the kitties home. I should have taken the white cat today, and then brought the kitten him home after it was spayed. I think I might call tomorrow and ask a bout him.
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Get the white 4 year old! He's proven affectionate, "bond-able" and gets along with other cats. You can always adopt a kitten later, be sure to get one that is social with other cats.
I apologize for the long post. I'm going to call them today to see if he is still available, then I am going to ask them a bout adopting a male cat with a female kitten. He is very sociable with other cats. At first I didn't want to go through the whole introducing two cats but now I don't mind doing it.

I've seen other stories on here a bout introducing a cat with kitten. Sometimes the transition is smooth other times its not. So I will probably just do that. They put all the cats that can live with other cats together in one area.
Go back again for a second look and see if you still feel the same way about the white boy and he with you and your bf, and spend some time with the torbie girl and black boy. At this time of year there are lots of kittens coming in. Cats with a medical problem can be a special challenge and often don't live as long. Some people can deal with that kind of challenge and some can't for psychological or financial reasons.
I do want to get a healthy cat.

Someone had already put one of the three black kittens on hold too. They were taking them with the girls out of the kitty area. That's a good idea to go back for a second look. I could do that when the girls are ready and see if I still feel the same way a bout him.
If he's still there and hasn't been adopted.
If he's still there and hasn't been adopted.
I called to inquire and get information a bout the adult cat. I asked a bout the health of him and if it were wise to adopt an adult and a kitten. They knew who I was already lol. I told her the cat I was interested in. So then she said she was just inquiring a bout him for someone yesterday. Soooo... She put me on hold with them so I could speak with a behaviorist who told me it would be best to adopt them two together because they would be less destructive and the kitten won't drive the adult crazy. Soooo then she broke the news. He was adopted already! I'm so happy for him that he found a home. My biggest fear in this situation was to leave him there. While I went home with two kitties. I feel sad that I didn't get to him, but happy because he found a home, and that was really want I wanted for him.
I'll be getting the two kittens soon. Hopefully they are spayed tomorrow lol. They were vaccinated and dewormed and all that other stuff. They are healthy an just waiting for saying.

They are sooo tiny I'm hoping they could get into those huge litterboxes.

I will keep everyone updated.
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