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Hi everyone, I recently just posted just my intentions of joining, now I believe that I will start by letting you know about my little family of kittens.

About the second week of May, I was walking my father-in-law and mother-in-law to their car at about 9:30pm when all of the sudden this cat came up and immediately started rubbing against my leg and purring. She was the cutest thing so i went inside and warmed up some milk in a little saucer and she lapped it all up! :catmilk

The next day after work, i asked everyone on our road and the neighboring road if it was their kitten. I also called the vet offices in our town and humane society to see if anyone lost a cat and gave them all of my info. A week later I didn't hear anything back and neither did the vet offices.

I am 23 years old and my husband is allergic to cats, so i knew this little girl would be an inside/outside cat. I made an appointment at the vet and took her in about a week later. She got updated on all her shots and it was confirmed that she was about 30-35 days pregnant and she was only about 6-9 months old. My husband named her Min, which I like to call her Minnie.

Two days ago, on Sunday, she gave birth to her first litter of 5 kittens. We were out at our farm that morning and when we got back she had already had three and they were sitting in poison ivy and ants. I had a laundry basket with old towels in it set up for her in the house so i brought that outside and put gloves on and picked up her kittens one by one and put them in the basket and then i put Min in last. She didn't seem to mind at all. We brought them inside when she had 2 more kittens, but she didn't remove the sac from the last one. I removed it as soon as i saw it, but i was too late. :( The little thing didn't make it.

Anyway, I bring them inside every afternoon when I get off work and feed Min some dry food mixed with wet food and a dish of warm milk. We keep them inside out of the heat until we go to bed. Min lays with them mostly the entire time, only coming out to eat or go outside to potty. When outside after lunch when my husband goes to work, we have a fan to cut through the heat of the day and have them in shade under our carport.

Sorry this is so long, I am just so excited to share my story to other cat lovers!! :)
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