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My first kitty forum :)

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Hi i'm Kati, mother of five... 2 kids, 2 cats (and my other half hehe)
This is my very first kitty forum. i am here to meet some friendly kitty mums and also get some help and advice, especially in regards to my wild kitty Nyhm (or Nyhm Nyhm). (i will post in the behaviour section for her outside bullying problems)

A bit more about me and my cats.
I had my first cat when i was 6 months old, i named her Sheba :) (even though my mum told me that was a big doggies name :p ) She was my sister and my rock through alot of tough times as cats are. She died at the age of 18 and although i lived a few doors away from my mum, it happened so quickly that my mum didnt have time to be with her and phone me and of course being with her in her last moments was the priority. I miss her every day.

So now i'm 22 with 2 new kitties.
Nyhm Nyhm, which i bought from someone (with obviously no clue about cats and her female had gotten pregnant while outside so i did not get to meet the tom) She was a bit too young to be away from her mummy but at her current house she was hiding in a drawer under the bed and terrified of the dog that lived there. So home i took her.
I think i must have over played with her as now she is a wild little rat bag and quickly thinks a nice pet is time for biting.. She is now just turned 2years old.
She had an accident about a year ago, i was sitting watching TV and she had bitten a wire on the other side of the sofa. Her teeth had gone right through and she was attached to the wire being electrocuted. Lucky i was there and also lucky i have quick reflexes i managed to turn the power off take the wire away from her, she lay there motionless for a few moments and then she took off hiding behind the sofa, she was terrified. An immediate trip to the vet and some antibiotics, and some injections later, she was a very lucky to be alive kitty. She lost quite a few of her teeth through this and burnt alot of her tongue off too, but that has grown back to almost normal. Apart from that she is perfectly fine. She doesnt appear to have problems eating and just has a messy chin and nose now and again :)
Nyhm was nuetered about 8 months ago as she was deperate to be an outside cat and managed to escape outside and was chased by toms for a day or two. So that's my Nyhm Nyhm a big massive PEST! hehe
Tilly - Tilly is a recue cat, she is roughly 5 years old. I got her about 5 months after Nyhm Nyhm to keep her company. The reason she was in a rescue center was because "her owners had had a baby and she was doing the toilet everywhere including in the baby's cot" (i now have a 10month old little boy aswell as my 4year old daughter and Tilly has had no problems with him what so ever infact she sleeps ontop of his legs when he fell asleep on me). She had been in the rescue home quite a while. She was very friendly and so i picked her out of all the others. She is now a very over affectionate little cat. Constantly seeking love, which is totally understandable since she was in a cage for god knows how long. But its very annoying when you have visitors and she wont leave them alone no matter how many times they push her away.
Her and Nyhm aren't the best of friends i was hoping for, they tollerate each other and can sit almost touching each other but occasionally chase each other about. Apart from that, no problems :)

Thats my little story, looking forward to meeting you all in the forums.
Thanks for reading :)
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