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My four cats...

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Hi, just thought I would introduce our feisty menagerie. We have four cats, two boys and two girls.

The eldest is a male Persian, two years old. His name is Monty:

He's a big monster of a cat, all muscle and loads of long hair that's soon going to be all buzzed off. Very shy, Monty is easily startled and quick to run, he was mistreated by his previous owner and doesn't like strangers. But if it's just me around he calms down and likes to lounge and play.

Next is Teega, a sweet tabby:

She's a silly cat, very vocal. She loves to tease and snuggle. She's celebrated her first birthday recently.

Our second girl is a cute little Tortoiseshell named Raven:

She's the pushy boss around here, queen of the house. Despite being eight months old she is still quite small. I don't think she'll ever get that big, none of the Torties I've had have.

And here is our fourth cat, Fritz. A coworker of mine asked me to babysit him while they were out of town and then they called to say they weren't coming back. So now he's all mine:

I don't mind keeping him at all, Fritz is the friendliest, sweetest tomcat I've ever had, he's a squishy lapcat who loves a belly rub.

And that's our brood. :)
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beautiful brood. lucky you!
Your cat family is precious! I especially love your tortie girl, Raven. (My tortie girl, Buffy, is also a small cat.) The look on Monty's face in the first picture is priceless. :)
Thanks everybody, glad you approve. :D

No cat glares like Monty and hah! we make jokes about him being a member of the KISS army too. :mrgreen:

Oh and I forgot to mention Fritz, the orange one, is a polydactyl. Six toes on each front paw, he's got working thumbs, he picks up stuff with them, so cute.
I love your kitties and your descriptions of each of them! The name Raven is great too. I've always thought that if I had a black kitty, she would be named Raven.
Thanks! That's why we named her that, as a kitten she was almost completely black with a sort of shimmery coat. Her real colors started coming later. Of course, once we started taking pics of her the flash would expose her coming coloring.
very very nice cats,, ps poly's are known for being laid back good natured cats
They are, huh? Fritz certainly is. I met his sister once, also a poly, and she was even nicer, if that's actually possible.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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