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Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums.

I'm 24 years old, from Calgary AB. I love the outdoors, drawing, animating, mountain biking, surfing (when I'm anywhere near ocean), Kyokushin Karate, and snowboarding.

My cats name is Lexx. He is two years old. He is part siamese and tabby. He is mostly white with orange markings in the same arrangement as a siamese cat. He has blue eyes and when hes really relaxed he sometimes goes cross eyed. I think he's preety unique looking as I've never seen a cat look like him before. He is the biggest sucky cat I've ever seen. He always comes to me when he wants love, and when he purrs I sometimes think a helicopter may be landing on my roof. My boyfriend loves Lexx too but he thinks he's crazy. He trained my cat to jump up the wall on command and that usually makes him really hyper. It results in him running around the house jumping up in the window doing a little dance, and then making obscure meowing sounds.

Like every animal lover, I love my pet to death.
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