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My kittens

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I wasn't planning on getting any more cats for a long while after losing Sparrow but it had been a couple weeks and we were visiting my cousin and her cat had kittens. I had just finished telling her about what had happened to Sparrow and she asked me if I wanted to see the kittens she had. I couldn't say no and she brought them out to me and I was a goner.

These two are going to be indoor kitties after learning my lesson the hard way.

Here are my brother tabbies Simba and Kovu!


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They're both adorable, and I'm really sorry to hear about your first two kitties. I know different parts of the country have different ideas about letting cats go outside, but I'm glad to hear these little ones will be kept inside. Are they almost completely identical? How do you tell them apart?
Thanks to you both for your compliments! Facial markings they both are pretty much identical. I can tell them apart by their backs. Simba's coloring and pattern of his stripes is what I normally see tabby cats to have. Kovu's coloring instead of being grey is more like a really dark black. His patterning is different too. He doesn't really have the common stripes his stripes are more swirly. Simba is a little bigger in weight than Kovu as well. Simba is the more independent really playful always got to be into something or trying to tear something up lol. Kovu is more velcro kitty although he does do alot of playing with his brother. He is more laid back and not so much gotta be on the go all the time lol.

Later today I will try to get pics of their stripe patterning so you can see what I mean.
Sorry this pic isn't the best by any means lol. I had to put them on top of the washing machine long enough to get the pic. Simba never likes to sit still lol.

Simba on the left and Kovu on the right:

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Simba is a perfect name for a tabby. Mine is a brown tabby and one of his nicknames is simba because the resemblance to the famous simba is uncanny. That's what I love about cats, how much they resemble big wild cats it's like having your own safari park it's awesome! lol. Sorry, I went off on a tangent.....

They look lovely anyway. :)
Thanks! Yes, I know what you mean that is one of the reasons I love kitties too! It's cool you nicknamed your tabby Simba! I named both of mine from the Lion King and the Lion King 2 movies. They are my fav Disney animated movies. :smile:
They are so cute and growing like weeds lol! :grin:
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