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Okay, so I have been remiss, I haven't posted any pictures of the kitties I've told you about. lol I will fix that now.

First, those who have passed on:

Midnight, my first kitty, and heart cat (now my guardian spirit, I firmly believe)

Pictured here with my mom's cat, Cuda, who Midnight helped raise:

And with Tempest (my dad's cat, at his apartment, we lived there for a bit), Midnight is around 16 years old in this one:

"The Queen" age 15

Me and Midnight @ 11 yrs old:

And me with Midnight @ 17 yrs, two mos before she had to be PTS:


A few mos old:

Around 2 yrs old:

Four years old:

Me loving on Chip-feet, he's a little under a year here (and so tolerant!):

RIP Midnight and Chip. You are both deeply missed, well remembered, and well loved.

The cats who are with me now:

Honorable mention: Tempest, lives with my dad, she was a foster who came to me when I was still doing some rescue, and my dad fell for her. :)

Cuda, belongs to my mom, we hand raised her from only a few days old (rescue). She's...7 now? In the picture she's maybe a year or two:

The "strays" (that live on the porch, with their own cat houses that are shingled and insulated, have hand-made pillow beds that get washed regularly, and get fed twice a day, with treats in the afternoon).

Patches, roughly 16 to 18 years old, has been "with us" for 13 years now:

Twister, around 6? years old, showed up 3 or so years ago and hasn't left:

Smudge! lol This is where it gets heavy!

Her first day "home" where she was supposed to live, with me and my ex:

What was she hissing at?

lol Sadie loved her, they became good friends:

Then the ex and I split up (we're still good friends :) ) and Smudge came to live with me:

A few months later she got her very own dog to play with!

They're best friends:

And Smudge all growed'ed up:
(Note: she isn't blind in one eye, it's just the way the flash caught her)

And now, LBC! Only crummy camera phone pics for now, sorry!

Asleep in my lap the first day we met:

She got comfy real quick:

In the boyfriend's lap:

On the ride home:

I haven't been able to get more yet, sorry! lol Hope you enjoyed the pics and meeting my feline family!

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Great pictures. I loved the ones of Smudge and her dog. Interspecies friendships appeal to me. Of course, animal friendships with us are interspecies.

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Adorable pics! So sorry about your beloved furbabies. Please do post more, I love the pic of the cat and dog, so cute!!
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