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My Kitties...

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Thought I'd let you all see Peanut and Mack.

Here is Mack sleeping the carrier....

Now some of of her drinking from her bottle and a couple of her and my youngest (she's his kitty)

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aaawwwwww adorable baby's how old are they?

the pic with the bottle is just tooo CUTE :) xxx
I'm not sure how old Peanut is, but guessing around 4 wks old. Mack is just under 8 wks old now.
They are adorable!
Thanx. They are my babies. Got some more pictures of Mack yesterday. He's so silly, he sleeps on his back on the couch next to you when you are watching TV.
can i please have them when you get bored of them? :DDDD
Eeee! I especially love the wee gray one! :3
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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