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My Little Oreo..

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Oreo has been holding his eye closed for about 3 days now. I've checked it and checked it agian, but I can't seem to see anything that could be bothering his eye! Now, when I checked his eye 1 minute ago, his inner-eye lids are showing to start covering up the eye! Oreo also threw up this morning. It was a runny, yellow fluid.

I need to take him to the vet for another problem I've discovered this past few weeks.. Except I'm getting married in 2 1/2 weeks! I can't really afford it. I really want a honeymoon but it doesn't look like we'll afford that either...
He has something sticking out of his chest. It's like a bone but its not always there. Kinda depends on what position he's in. Any idea what that may be?
Not counting I need to take my 3 kittens to be neutered since they are around 4-5 months.. Teddy can wait though. I don't want to rush him because of his condition.
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Could be an upper respiatory(spelled wrong) problem. I'd call the vet asap. Honeymoon's can what's best for your baby... :D
Yes take him to the vets first!
honeymoons dont have to be right after the wedding, they can wait, your cat cant!
I've called my vet and made the appointment. I'll get in this Monday at 3pm. I'll have to use that last of my savings, but I'd rather him be checked on. They were surprised it wasn't Teddy that needed looked at :? I need to get more of Teddys medicine while I'm at it.
Glad you're taking Oreo to the vet. Hope it all goes well, and Im interested to know what that bone problem is. Let us know how it goes! Good Luck! :lol:
let us know how it goes, hope it is nothing too serious
Oreo has sever conjunctivitis. Right now we have NO idea what caused it. We're going with because he hasn't had his shots. We aren't sure if Oreo had a complete round. I know he had 2 sets of shots. But if he was under 12 weeks, he would have needed a third. I can't remember the exact age I adopted him on and I think he was around 10. I'm looking at his adoption papers. It only says 8wks. But I know that's what it said when he was placed in the store for adoption.. So not an accurate age.
The thing on Oreos chest is called "xiphoid process". Heres a link to anyone curious - number 28
He said it 'floats' around kind of like our knee-caps, so we can feel it sometimes.

Anyway, now we're going to give his vaccinations just in case. I think he needed a third one and never got it. Why do these papers not make any sense??
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