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Our older cat was adopted from a shelter.

Our younger cat has two special stories about him.

I found him when he was probably three weeks old. He was sitting on the edge of an eight lane street (Geary in SF) about a foot from traffic. I couldn't find any sign of a mother or other cats around and so I put him in my shirt pocket and took him home. We feel very luck for him and us that I happened to look down when I did to spot the ball of fluff!

The second story is that when the younger cat was about eight years old, we had a maintenance worker in our condo while we were not around. For some reason he opened our balcony door. Our cat got onto the balcony and fell down eight floors. We think he landed in a bush or something as he survived with just some bruised ribs. A twice lucky cat!

The cat had been acting sluggish for a few days this week, and so we took him into the vet and ran some tests. The next day we took him in again to get antibiotics to take care of a urinary infection the tests discovered.

Its about 20 hours later and the vet said we should see "signs of improvement". He is drinking and going to the bathroom and walking normally to accomplish these tasks, but is otherwise sluggish and doesnt appear to be eating much. Its hard to know exactly as our other cat also eats from the same bowls and it is hard for us to separate them to observe exactly what each is eating.

The vet said if he doesnt show signs of improvement "after a day" then we should consider bringing him in to be hospitalized. The vet said that not eating can create significant liver problems in a cat. The vet said that if we hospitalize him then then will put him on an IV and observe him and that they will charge us about $600/day.

The cat is drinking so I'm not sure why an IV is necessary, aside from the fact that it is a convenient way to automatically deliver fluids to a patient that requires little attention from the hospital staff. I'm sort of inclined to keep him at home. My thought is i will probably be spending more time trying to give him his favorite foods than the doctor will. At the same time I was a little scared by what the doctor said, and I don't want to do something stupid that will harm my cat. I feel like the doctor is offering to hospitalize the cat to make me feel better, but it does not seem like it does much to solve my cat's issue (not eating) and of course the expense is a concern, especially if it is just to make me feel like I am doing something, without contributing much to my cat's health.

thanks for any thoughts
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