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Hi, I'm Isabella, and to say that I adore my two fluffballs is a major understatement. Luna and Tinker make up my entire world. We've had them since 2020 and recently came with us when we moved abroad. Tinker, the male, whom we call Ding Ding was 7 months and unneutered when we had gotten the two of them. Because our female, Luna, had reproductive issues and needed to avoid having a litter, we got them both spayed and neutered. Eversince, Ding Ding has been peeing and pooping allover our place - the floor, then shower, the sink, bathtubs, beds, couches - you name it. And we've always been patient with him and cleaned his messes.

Before you ask, yes, we have 2 litterboxes in our house and I clean both daily.

Still, everywhere else seems of more interest to him than the box.

Unfortunately it's more of an issue now because we're in a rented villa and he's ruined pricey furniture. I'm graduating highschool next year, and will take them with me to uni, but until then I need to find a solution, and quickly. My parents love the cats but Ding's markings are making it difficult for them. They're feeling hopeless over the situation and I understand why.

Ding Ding loves me. He's an affectionate boy and he's like a little tail to me - he follows me wherever I go. Luna is more independent, likes the occasional affection but isn't as hungry for my company. Ding Ding is my baby though. He 'guards' me when I'm in a room by sitting at the doorstep and meows when I leave the house. I love him and Luna so much. But I really need a solution to all his messiness. Any advice?
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