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I never knew that four kittens could be as messy as they are! Only two kittens know to wipe their paws BEFORE exiting the litter box! If they drop food on the floor, they wont eat it, they'll get new food from the dish! :?: I thought cat's weren't that picky. My dog was willing to eat it though(much to my displeasure.)

I have to sweep the floor daily, clean the water-dish several times a day because they get litter and food in it, and new food three times a day to make-up for the dropped portions. Not counting the daily litter-run.

I had to scrub the icky floor today with some nice smelling Lysol because now it smelled awful in there. Since I did that, I got off my lazy butt and scrubbed the rest of the small portions of 'non-carpet'.

Kittens are learning a new trick when I try to shut the door behind me. Climb up my leg so I can't deal with him because I don't want the other kittens to get out. There's nothing worse then trying to round up 4 kittens!

All said and done, they're little angels when I try to take a nap. "Mommy is a toy! Let's play on her and attack her hair!" So they play a game of 'pounce' the kitten on the other side of me. I have so many little kitten scratches(didnt tear skin). One kitten found it amusing to climb my face. So I get up, and then the most playful kitten thought it'd be fun to climb me all the way to my shoulder.

Daily chores -
Morning: Put new food in, new water, try to shut the door. Capture fugitive kittens.
Afternoon: Put more new food in, new water, let kittens play in bedroom. Play with kittens. Pet four kittens at once. Put toy from bathroom in bedroom. Shut the bedroom door. Remove kitten from leg and put back in bedroom. Capture dog and remove from bedroom. Capture fugitive kittens.
Evening: Enter bedroom, have fiance capture fugitive kittens. Play with kittens, pet kittens at once. Go to bathroom, remove litterbox, dishes and sleeping towel(shake free of litter). Sweep floor. Clean litter box. Put litter box back. Put new food in dish, clean water dish.

BedTime: Enter bedroom, have fiance capture fugitive kittens. Capture bedroom kittens. Put them in bathroom. Leave, capture fugtitive kittens again.

Theres my day!
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