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Maleke, The kitten should be fairly reliable in using the litter box by the time you get him. It would be better if the breeder didn't let him go until 12 weeks. Most breeders agree on that age. Kittens still have much to learn from Mother and litter mates at ten weeks-even if they've been weaned.

Show him where the litter box will be kept, put him in and pick up his paw, and use it to scratch in the litter. He should take it from there. He's a bit young, however, and might have an accident on occasion. The first few days he might be a bit upset. He might not want to eat the first day or two.

The CFA recommends that kittens stay with the mother and littermates until 12-14 weeks. I wish you the very best with your kitten. I have Siamese, also, and absolutely love them! They're very intelligent and so loving! ::))
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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