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Maleke I get my new and first 12-14 week old kitty this coming Monday and are probably just as worried and curious about things to expect as you! At least you have some experience with your moms cats. The only exposure I've had was watching a friends 6 month old at my place recently which started all this :oops: which is a good thing.

Anyway what I did with the friends 6 month old, although he was already litterbox trained, my place was new to him and have read about cats having problem getting used to new places - so what I did that most recommend is limiting them to one room only for a while - while meaning maybe days or at least a week. Bathrooms or place without carpet seems to be best at first and will ease cleanup of any accidents. Food water, some toys, towel to cuddle on, scratching post. Once the cat used the box successfully for #1 & 2 a couple times then I let him out into my bedroom from the master bath. He stayed under the bed sometimes until he got used to things. When I knew he was comfortable and still using the box and not tearing everything up :shock: then I left the bedroom door open and let him walk out - get the idea room by room not all at a time.

Bunch of good articles to read on the web like:

Good luck and enjoy!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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