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Hey Everyone,
I'm new here.......and I was just looking for some advice.

I just adopted a new kitten....he is a Siamese (looks like he might be a seal point but it's too early to tell). He is 8 weeks old now, but when I pick him up he will be 10 weeks old.

My mom has 3 cats that I have grown up with, but when we adopted them they were all cats...not kittens. She has one Siamese who was a year when we got him, a tortie coloured female who was 8 when we adopted her, and a long haired tabby that was a year. I have never had a 10 week old kitten! I'm not sure how he will act or really what to do with him when I get him!

I am not going to declaw him I have I am out hunting around for cool scratching posts :D

I am in Canada so if any Canadians out there might know the price of a first set of shots that would be really helpful. As well as how much it might cost to have him neutered.

Are little kittens like this hard to litterbox train at all? I am going to start off with a low litterbox, so he can get in and out easily.

Anyway, any suggestions would be GREAT! He is SOOOO cute!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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