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My new kitty

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Hi I'm new to the forum and I've just got a black long haired kitten and he's gorgeous. Anyway there were just a couple of things I'd like to get cleared up. My kitten has a problem with being held. When I pick him up he will try to get away but he'll come openly and sit on me he just doesn't like being held. Also his name is Jax but he doesn't respond to it If I call him he won't come but if I call and give him a hand gesture he'll then come. How long does it tke for kittens to respond to their names. I've been calling him jax for a couple of weeks now. Anyway other than that he's an excellent kitten and is good as gold and he loves playing. He's sprawled out on my couch at the minute cute buger.
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Don't worry about the holding problem! He is probably still getting used to you. Give him some more time.

As for the name thing, my cat is 2yrs. old and only sometimes does he turn when I call his name! Don't worry..I thought the same thing too at first...but cats, sometimes (ok alot of times) they just don't want to listen to you! But that's ok cause a cat is much more than that!LOL! :wink:
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