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I wrote this about a year after I had adopted my 2nd kitty, Sassy Cat. (1985-1997) She was a kitten when I adopted her, colored like a Russian Blue with a "cymrix" (?) tail. Her tail was only 3" (or so) long, and was twisted around like a cartoon pig tail. She was one of my favorite cats ever and I will always miss her... :cry: I wrote this when I was 19, and it is from "her" point of view.

Hunter Cat
For Sassy Cat...I miss you.

What is this thing I have found?
An evil serpent on the ground,
Slithering slowly t'ward my domain.
"Cease your approach!" I warn that thing.
Yet heed my warning it does not,
So slowly, slowly I begin to stalk
From behind of course, there's no other way
For a hunter cat to attack her prey.
"I'm closing in, prepare for death!
Intruding here you will regret!
You're soon to meet my razor claws,
Tucked within these dainty paws."
I grab it with my right paw first,
Then toss it 'round upon the hearth.
I lock it's head within my jaws
And on my back with all four paws
I massacre an evil being.
"Hey, look Mom! I killed your string!
Aren't you proud of your hunter cat?
Who else could help you knit like that?"

Brenda Frasier Engelke

Copyright ©2005 Brenda Frasier Engelke

452 Posts
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Thank you for the compliment! :luv

It is very sweet of you to say so. I was very young when I wrote it...I said 19, but I think I was actually 18...can't exactly remember and most of the hard copies of my poetry and short stories (and art work) were destroyed in the mid-90's by a not-nice person. :evil:

I did come across that copy in an old journal a couple of years ago that had, by some miracle, survived. I posted it on a "vanity" poetry website, before I really understood what these vanity sites were all about. :roll:

I had considered revising it, so it would not be so juvenile :oops: but decided it best to leave it as it was originally written. It was a tribute to my Sassy at the time, and she has been gone for what feels like an eternity. :cry: So I'm afraid that changing it now would result in the loss of some of its innocence.

Sassy used to love to sit by me as I (vainly) attempted to crochet and knit. Every time I would make some progress, she would "attack" and unravel what little progress I made. Her antics were much more valuable than anything I could have created with yarn, so I always began a "project" knowing full-well it would be her "prey" before it became anything.

Thank you again for reading my little poem...and making me happy!
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