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My poor kitty..

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I started school again Monday. And now that two days a week, I'm gonae around 7 hours. I didn't even realize that my cat Oreo has never been more than 4 hours away from me! Today, he was acting weird at lunch (so my fiance says). "Oreo was treating me like I was you! Kneading me and nosing my face!" That makes me all sad for leaving my kitty :(
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Awww, that's kinda sweet, your kitty really loves you. :D
We had a similar thing happen a few years ago. I had been working nights (11pm-7am) for the first 6 years of her life. She loved it since she was hardly ever alone. She slept with me during the day, was with both of us in the evening, and then had my husband there all night. She was a little freaked out when I got a new job 3 years ago and started working days. She was the only one who didn't like the new arrangement!! :wink:
I didn't take her long and she adjusted. Once your cat understands that you aren't gone for good she will be fine.
That's touching! Oreo will get used to it. I'm glad he has someone to give him attention during the day. :) And you can look forward to him sitting right in the middle of every paper you write!
Awww, that's sweet. That's good that someone is home with him though. You're kitty still loves you, don't worry. :)
Aww yeah, its sweet little things like that, which remind us that our regal cats DO love their servants, lol :lol:

At least you don't have a cat who hides in the laundry room from everyone while your gone for a week =O
I'm sorry you have to be away from Oreo longer now! I always start missing my zoo after about 5 hours at work, and I'm so glad to come home and see them all. We have one skittish girl who only really likes me, but will cuddle up to my husband out of desperation if I'm out of town! But don't worry; I bet Oreo still knows you're his mom and loves you best!
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