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My poor Simon!!!

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I just joined this site about a week or two ago with the intensions of telling Simons story and getting some feedback before I had to make a HARD HARD choice.......Simon had SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA. We thought he had a bad tooth. I took him to the vet on March 28 and long story short the vet found a tumor under his tongue. I cried on the phone when she told me. I though i was losing him that day...he was my baby, never had a animal that long . He WAS MY BABY!! Simon was 13! Not terribly old, but I knew he was getting there. My vet tried to shrink the tumor to by him some time. i took Simon back 9 days later he wasn't doing any better as far as i could see. his eating and drinking had come to a screatching halt! His tumor was not shrinking and now it was starting to ROT in his mouth! Long story short......I had to make that HARD OMG SO HARD choice to have him put down on April 5 2012. He was cremated, and I recieved his ashes! I was just wondering if any of you had dealted with this horrible disease in cats and what your outcome was......Thanks I know I wrote a book.......I just Miss him soo much! I cry at least once a day! Thanks in advance !! ~~~Missin my SIMON!!
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I am sorry for the loss of your much-loved pet. Mouth cancers can be hard to treat and are aggressive. The cat can't eat, is in a lot of pain and goes downhill fast.

You did all you could for Simon. The pain of losing him goes deep, and will stay with you...we've all been there. My sincere condolences.
Poor, 13 is not really old. He was unfortunate to have such an aggressive cancer, and I can imagine it must have been painful for him and miserable not being able to eat. Please console yourself that your decision was the right one not to let him suffer any longer. It's natural to grieve his loss when you had such a strong bond, but I hope sometime soon you will consider giving your love to a new kitty. There's nothing like a kitten to brighten your spirits, and I believe that some day you can be with Simon again.

"No heaven will not ever Heaven be; unless my pets are there to welcome me." ~ Unkown

Im so sorry for your loss with Simon. I hope in time the smiles of good memories will soon replace the tears of grief.
Thanks guys!! I still have 2 other kittys....Oliver 8 and Jack Thomas 2!! They help make me feel better. I'm kinda surprised no one here ever had to deal w/ SCC. I was shocked how fast this disease took his little body! I know I did the right thing so I'm happy with that, but I guess it will just take time to get use to him not being here1 Thanks again.....
Squamous cell carcinoma

hi rhen,

you might be able to at least read some older experiences with SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA by just typing it into the "Search" box at the top of the forum. i just did that myself and a few other threads did pop up. you'd probably find them helpful. sorry again for your loss. :(
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