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These are the villians who like to play with milk bottles, knock my plants over and steal rubber bands, and I love them!

First is Riddick, born 21st April 2009 and a short black haired, yellow eyed male (neutered)

Second is Sassy, sister to Riddick so same age, and she's black/white with yellow eyes (speyed)

Third is Jin, who was a bit of a surprise to us. My brother visited with his flea-infested, underweight little female kitten called Nala and, when I had a look at her, turns out he was a boy! We agreed to take him in, clean him up and get him happy and fat and after about £180 of vet bills I am happy to say he is healthy, and has developed quite a cocky character! We managed to work out he was born 24th August 2009 and is a semi-long hair with amber eyes (neutered)

That's my lovely rabble!
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