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Hi everyone!
Clearly I'm new here to the forum, but I'm not new to owning a cat! I've had two for quite a few years now, and I often foster cats from the Humane Society whenever I'm applicable to the cats needs.

My oldest cast is Cosette, she is 16 years old. I believe she is an American Shorthair (although she could be a Brazilian Shorthair) with muted tortoiseshell colors. She is a gem and a Queen!

Toby is my other cat, and the real reason I joined the forum, as I am having problems with him. He is 8 years old, and while we are not quite sure what kind of cat he is (although again, fairly sure he is American Shorthair), our Vet has told us that it's fairly probable he has some Siamese in him. He is a white with grey tabby markings.

Thanks for letting me join!

Winnipeg, Canada


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